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The Baccarini lab seeks to recruit a Data Analyst who will systematically analyze and integrate large-scale data sets, including (epi)genomics data and mass spectrometry results, originating from our ongoing projects in molecular and cell biology. The successful candidate will develop an optimized data structure, build systematic analysis pipelines, and analyze the data by placing them in context with existing datasets.

Data Analyst position in the Baccarini lab - Vienna
Working environment:

The Baccarini lab focuses on the role of protein complexes in the signaling pathways that integrate basic biological processes such as proliferation, differentiation, and migration. Projects focus on the analysis of such complexes and their impact on gene expression and the determination of cell fate. The lab is part of the PhD program “Signaling Mechanisms In Cellular Homeostasis”, which comprises a total of 14 groups working on different molecular aspects of cellular/organismal adaptation. The groups use CRISPR-Cas9 or RNAi screens, mass spectrometry and next generation sequencing to address their research questions. The selected candidate will work in an innovative research environment and collaborate closely with other groups at the Max F. Perutz Laboratories.


Applicants must hold a Master or PhD degree in Computational Biology and ideally have a proven track record in data integration, analysis and statistics. Expertise in programs such as R, Python, Matlab as well excellent written and oral communication skills in English, high accuracy, reliability and interpersonal and organizational skills are a requirement.


Interested candidates should send their application documents including a cover letter, a CV/publication list, and the names of three referees to manuela.baccarini@univie.ac.at